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SMS Marketing Services

‘Those 160 characters SMS could seal the deal for you!’


Short Message Service, abbreviated as SMS, is the simplest and one of the most convenient ways to interact with customers. The 160-character container could be your go-to tool at any given point in your customer journey. Whether you wish to welcome your customer onboard or you want to notify your audience about the status of their product or service delivery, SMS marketing does it all for you.


Keep It Short Simple & Sweet with Text Message Marketing

Advantages of SMS Marketing 


It’s easy, it’s versatile


SMS marketing services provide limitless opportunities to connect with your customers. You can create the desired brand loyalty by delighting your customers every step of the way in the marketing funnel, be it awareness, consideration, or conversion. 


You get to make it personal


Today’s digital world is all about personalization. Text message marketing allows you to personalise your message for every customer depending on their preferences. You can make the communication personal with a name salutation. You can also cater to your target audience based on their product or service requirements. 


It’s low on cost, high on value 


When compared with other marketing channels, the cost incurred for sending bulk SMS marketing communication is far less than on other platforms. The channel is also very effective in terms of TAT (turnaround time). This is because you only have to communicate in text form; there is no creative, image, or video requirement to send SMS messages. And because of the platform’s versatility and customizability, the ROI (return on investment) is way higher than on other platforms. 

SMS Marketing

Easier performance tracking 


Text marketing services offer you better tracking of your customer data because the platform allows you to gather a wealth of behavioural data. For example: you get to know what types of messages get you the most clicks, transactions, etc. You also get to know exactly what actions were taken by the customers by reading specific messages, as compared to other TV or digital ads. This information allows you to optimise your campaigns for better performance.

Leverage low competition


One look at your screens, be it your laptop or your phone, lets you know that the digital world is pretty competitive. In such a scenario, bulk SMS marketing could prove to be a goldmine for you. Everyone around the world has access to SMS, but brands seldom miss taking advantage of SMS marketing. Since the space is less crowded, it gets easier for you to stand out and grab the attention of your audience as compared to emails and other channels of marketing.