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Local Search Results

Optimize Your Website For Better Local Search Results


What is the utilization of an internet site if it doesn’t show up to the potential customers after they are attempting to find a product or service? So what’s the solution?
The answer is SEO. SEO is solely the optimization of the website as per the search engine guidelines in a way that it’ll appear at the highest for the related queries.


Types of SEO


SEO can be divided into three parts majorly which are as follows:


  • Local SEO
  • National SEO
  • International SEO


Today we are going to talk about the Local SEO


Local search is powerful for small businesses. When Google users are searching for local information and if your business isn’t optimized for local search, you might miss out on potential customers who are able to shop in your area. In short, local SEO is critical if you wish your business to get ranked for local google searches.


What is Local SEO?


As the name suggests Local SEO is for local businesses like bakery shops, dentists, attorneys, cake shops, flower shops, restaurants, and other brick and mortar businesses that run locally. The aim of Local SEO is to extend the footfalls within the local stores by increasing the rankings for local searches.


So here is the checklist for better search visibility for your local:


  • Optimize Google My Business Page
  • Optimize meta tags with location
  • Write and optimize the content for a local audience
  • Schema Markup
  • Add and optimize location pages
  • Make website mobile-friendly
  • Make NAP details (Name, Address, and Phone Number) consistent
  • Get relevant inbound links from authoritative websites
  • Engage with the audience on social media


Optimize Google My Business Page


Google offers a free listing that’s Google my business. It’s much overlooked and other people don’t specialize in optimizing it. But it’s abundantly important to create and optimize the Google My business listing. So the best way to do that is to be consistent with the name, address, and telephone number of the business.
Additionally, update the service areas, business hours and choose the relevant business category. Reply to each review whether it’s bad or good.
If people ask any question that ought to be answered within the earliest possible juncture.


Optimize the Meta Tags with Location


As we are optimizing a website for a neighborhood audience, we want to optimize it with the placement name or area name. So if people search for our website’s relevant product or service, our website will have a higher chance to rank within the local results.

For this we want to feature location words in our Meta tags like Title, Descriptions, Meta Keywords, Heading tags. Also, we should always use location words at the highest in our content so google understands that this content piece is more associated with a particular location.


Write and Optimize Content for Local Audience


Create content for your local audiences. Write content to be the authority of your industry locally. you must write on what benefits your audience. Publish case studies on how you successfully provide the best services and products.


Add and Optimize the Location Pages


You must add location pages if your business is in several locations. You need to keep your business name, address (location), and Phone number are very accurate. This helps not only people but also Google to know about your business. If you have got one location then you must add a well-optimized description (with geo-targeted keywords) on the about us page.


Schema Markup


Schema Markup is one of the most underutilized SEO features. With Schema Markup, you’ll insert code that assists search engines in providing more informative results for searchers. Schema Markup essentially tells search engines what your data is.

In terms of ranking, Schema Markup helps content within the subsequent categories rank higher in search results:

  • Local Businesses
  • Events
  • Products
  • Articles


Using Schema Markup can even be beneficial in cases where someone is considering coming to your local business but needs a bit more persuasion thus having a five-star rating could induce users to click on our website link.


Make Website Mobile Friendly


Google loves mobile-friendly websites. It has officially announced in the mobilegeddon algorithm update that the websites which are mobile-friendly would have a better ranking in SERP than others. So creating a mobile-friendly website is an indispensable ranking factor in SEO.


Make NAP Details Consistent

NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is one of the most important things that one should keep in mind. After you publish your website you have to keep the name of your business, address, and Phone Number consistent across all the listings and sites so the computer program understands your services and placement where your business operates.


Get Relevant Inbound Links from Authoritative Website


Backlinks still remain the most important ranking factor for any website. Links from the authoritative website will help your website to rank higher. Creating compelling infographics, information videos about your products or services, creative presentations, interesting case studies, articles, and posting them on industry-relevant highly authoritative sites could help acquire high-quality backlinks to your website.



Engage on the Social Media


You can’t ignore the ripple effect of social media on your brand search in Google. People, during their office hours or reception, spend most of their time on social media platforms whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or other platforms. So create your business page on these platforms and interact with them. You can share stories about your product or services, short videos, and other engaging content. This may encourage people to stay connected with your brand and eventually your brand visibility. This will portray your local business as a genuine entity and build trust within the minds of local customers.


Final Words


There are many things that you have to do to have a successful business. But, if you follow this checklist your website will rank on top in SERP for related keywords. you may definitely see a growth in your website’s organic traffic and business.

Omkar Kate About the author