One of the most predominant purposes of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is to decrease the cost per acquisition on your leads and by leads, I mean actions taken by visitors on your website. 

Although you can have an exceptional campaign set up which could send the most relevant traffic to your site but if the landing page is poor, then that traffic is of no use. 

If your landing page comprises some content around your product or service with unnoticeable call to actions, then your campaign might not yield leads to its loftiest potential.  

Here are the 5 most effective PPC landing page optimization tactics which will not only increase conversion rate but also improve quality score. 

1   Site Speed: In today’s fast moving digital world, if the website load time is increased by even 1 second could decrease the conversion rate by 3% – 5%. Optimizing a website to load in 3 seconds or less will allow users to view the site and take action faster. Google’s website speed test and GTmetrix are best in class free page speed insight tools for detailed analysis of your site speed.  

2   Highlight Action Elements: Phone numbers, contact form, email IDs, add to cart, buy now and newsletter subscription are some of the most common action elements. Placement of these elements plays a vital role in building an efficient landing page experience. Easier the visitor can find these elements reduces the chance of missing out on any leads.

3   Consistent Message: Ensure that the keywords, ad wording and content (Headlines) on the landing page is consistent throughout. This will not only build trust in the visitor’s mind but also improve quality scores.

4   Avoid Lengthy Forms: Anything that wants the visitor to take extra efforts is a conversion killer. Only keep the necessary required fields allowing visitors to take minimal efforts to complete the form submissions.

5   Competitor Website Analysis: You can find competitor websites from the Auction insight report through Google ads. Check each competitor’s website to find out how you can incorporate any additional feature onto our site.  

A successful PPC campaign results from highly optimized landing pages. Follow these practices to optimize websites and improve overall performance of your SEM strategy.

Published On: August 2nd, 2021 / Categories: Google Ads / Tags: , , /

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