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Ad Extensions Benefits

Benefits of Using Ad Extensions


Ad extensions are one of the most influential factors in your ad copy. The combination of a catchy text ad, along with an intriguing ad extension, makes your ad stand apart from just the standard text ads. 


Let’s dive in to learn more about the benefits of using ad extensions:


Additional Information: 


Advertisers can not fill all the information in the ad copy, making it difficult to highlight their unique selling points. Ad extensions give advertisers the liberty to provide additional information about their business along with the standard title and description. 


Genuine Conversions: 


Users always love if they get additional information before deciding to click on the ads. Ad extension gives them the opportunity to pick the most relevant business for their needs. It basically helps users filter out the best ad before even clicking it. These users who are pre-informed about your business through extensions ads are likely to get converted when they land on the website. This can help advertisers get genuine leads and filter out irrelevant clicks on the SERPs.


Dominate On SERPs: 


Extension ads take up more space on the SERPs compared to the ads without them. This instantly makes extensions ads dominate on SERPs and grab more attention towards them. Google shows up to 4 ad extensions based on the relevance of ad and search queries. However, Google won’t show extensions on every auction but whenever they appear, extension ads naturally be in the spotlight. 


Improve Ad Quality:


Google considers ad extensions as one of the quality metrics to rate the overall performance of your ad. Adding extensions to ads increases the expectancy of getting clicks, which improves click-through rate and ultimately raises Ad Rank. 




Extension Ads help improve click-through rate and get higher ad rank in the search auctions. This accomplishes the goal of getting excellent quality scores and helps advertisers generate clicks at a cheaper cost. The same saved budget is then used to get more clicks, which potentially increases the chances of generating more conversions at a lesser cost.


Now that you have learned the advantages of using ad extensions, get started by creating the most relevant extensions for your PPC ads.

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