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Youtube Ads

Acquire New Customers With YouTube & Discovery Ads


75% of the global shoppers use google products online, digital is a growing influence through the consumer’s journey. And over 50% of the online consumers use Youtube to find out more about specific brands, products or categories. Hence, making your video ads attractive and compelling to the consumer is very important. Newly introduced Actionable video ads proved to be a wonder to increase leads for advertisers that enables viewers to take appropriate actions through video ads.


Discovery Ads and Remarketing:

With Google’s audience and customer intent signals, Discovery advertisement empowers you to show outwardly captivating, customized promotions to individuals who are prepared to find and engage with your business. I would recommend using discovery ads alongside search ads to drive more traffic and leads. With the capacity to reach up to 3 billion worldwide users on the YouTube Home and Watch Next takes care of the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs, and Discover*, you would now be able to arrive at more likely clients as they browse for everything from the latest technology to new furniture on mainstream Google properties.


Also, another promoting methodology that you can use alongside your search and display campaigns is Remarketing. Remarketing campaign allows you to show advertisements to individuals who have recently visited your site or utilized your portable application. However, in order to use this strategy, there are certain prerequisites, and those are that your search and display campaign’s audience list should have driven sufficient predetermined traffic respectively. So next time if your campaign is struggling to convert leads then this is the solution you can definitely try to convert visitors on your website into customers. Furthermore, dynamic remarketing takes this a step further, allowing you to show previous visitors personalized ads that contain products and services they viewed on your site.


And when it comes to acquiring new customers, there is something that you cannot miss onto is In-market audiences and similar audiences that can help you boost traffic towards your campaign. Use In-market audiences to show advertisements to individuals who are looking for items and services actually like yours however, have never interacted with your business, and use similar audiences to reach new users with interests identified with the users in your audience lists.

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